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Service firms are professional business consulting organizations that help other startups grow far and wide in their market. DDP introduced themselves into the industry with a groundbreaking service module for SMEs and medium sized businesses. Reach your growth potential in a limited amount of time to build a future with DDP!

Your organization is your biggest strength and can become your assets only when it is implemented with the right tactics. DDP is a 1-on-1 mentorship-based program company, equipped with highly qualified personals who work hard and smart to reach your business goals. 

DDP was created by our founder and CEO, Darkevion Dewayne Parrish, who is a certified government contractor and business consultant. He had been in the consulting industry for almost a decade, and all his established organizations speak for his marketing skill and success. 

Our journey started when we encountered strategic thinking with business skills, and then came DDP, which reached and breached the charts of growth in months. Every business begins with an initiative, but every brand begins with professional accountability that includes marketing and financial consultation. 

We are the resources you need to grow your startup and build it into a business. Invest in the right place with our expert knowledge, and never lose a penny again! Our expertise includes all the required services for any startup, which includes professional business services and management assistance. 

Project management, human resources, admin support, and supply chain logistics are some of the services that your company needs to run daily. We are different from the rest, which makes us the most reliable among all with over 10+ years of business experience. 

Strategic planning and execution are an important part of any project planning. Our innovative solutions speak about our creative excellence which makes your business transform entirely. Keep a solid foundation for your business by fulfilling your business needs with skills and strategies. 

Our consultants will take an in-depth analysis of your current business statistics and prepare to create an action plan with solutions. We take care of your customers throughout the journey which makes us the best in the whole market!